from 26 February 2012 to 02 March 2012 (Asia/Taipei)
Academia Sinica
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Discovering Infrastructure Services with EMI Registry (EMIR)
Content: Grid services are the fundamental building blocks of today's Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCI). The discovery of services in the DCI is a primary function that is a precursor to other tasks such as workload and data management. In this context, a service registry can be used to fulfill such a requirement. Existing service registries, such as the ARC Information Index or UNICORE Registry, are examples that have proven themselves in production environments. Such implementations provide a centralized service registry, however, todays DCIs, such as EGI, are based on a federation model. It is therefore necessary for the service registry to mirror such a model in order for it to seamless fit into the operational and management requirements a DCI built using federated approach. This paper presents an architecture for a federated service registry and a prototype based on this architecture, the EMI Registry. Special attention is given to how the federated service registry is robust to environment failures, which are frequent in distributed environments.
Id: 16
Place: BHSS
Room: Media Conference Room
Starting date:
29-Feb-2012   14:44 (Asia/Taipei)
Duration: 22'
Contribution type: Oral Presentation
Primary Authors: Mr. MEMON, Shiraz (Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH)
Co-Authors: Mr. FIELD, Laurence (CERN)
Presenters: Mr. MEMON, Shiraz
Dr. GIORGIO, Emidio
Material: slide Slides
Included in session: Middleware & Interoperability
Included in track: Middleware & Interoperability